One of the first things I did when I moved out of the nest was to build my own folding bed from scratch. It wasn’t very good, but it set me up for a life long learning of DIY and maker skills. I would have never thought that my work would actually end up in a museum!

These days I mostly like to work with wood, electronics and 3d printing.

In my free time I relax by watching all of the YouTube maker channels, among my favorites are mitxela, Tim Hunkin and Wintergatan.

  • Klappermobiel


    The Klappermobiel is a musical mechanical interactive installation, based on buzzing cardboard in bike wheels. Currently on exhibition in Museum Speelklok. Watch the video:

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  • AcRobotics


    Acrobatics with a robot, engineering and circus. Watch the video:

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  • Light Pong

    Light Pong

    Light Pong is an electronic game based on ping pong, with lights instead of a ball. Watch the video:

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  • Failure Fantastico

    Failure Fantastico

    A flying hoop juggler aims for the most epic performance possible, and fails spectacularly! Watch the video:

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