3 Leds 1 Button

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3 Leds 1 Button, aka 3L1B, is the worlds most minimalistic game console.

With only 1 simple input and 3 simple outputs, you can make a whole load of interesting interactions. The challenge to design and program such interactions was first conceived by Paul Klomp. I was handed the challenge in one of his courses, and could not stop myself coming up with more and more game designs.

To allow others to more easily design such games, I created an 3L1B Arduino library. Together with Imani Dap I created a website to play the games, so you’re not required to have an Arduino and leds.

Also, I built two physical prototypes which allow you to take the games outside:

The project is not yet finished. The web app needs some work so that others can submit their games to it, and I have a desire to create a custom pcb version of the physical console.

If you’d like to help out with either of these things, get in touch!