This is the research log of Daniel Simu. Here I share my process and progress, thoughts and questions, regarding my Juggling Notation Research.

The header images are kindly created by Yara Valente, except for those on the first two articles which were made by Maartje Bonarius. All images in the articles are mine unless stated otherwise.


Daniel Simu, picture by Jona Harmishmacher

I’m Daniel, live in Rotterdam, have a BA in Circus Arts specializing in juggling. As performing was not always an option during this pandemic, I returned to university to do a Master’s degree in Media Technology at Leiden University.

My short circus CV:

  • Created over 100 acts and performed over 600 shows in 7 countries, with disciplines such as juggling, hand to hand, slapstick, diabolo, but also fire eating, magic, clown and playing music.
  • Intensive collaboration with companies such as Cirque Moustache, CliniClowns and Circusstad Festival
  • Recorded 16 interviews with expert jugglers, my articles have appeared in eJuggle, De Piste and Circopedia.
  • Created over 120 instruction videos for Circus Expert, some of which have been viewed over 200,000 times.
  • Co-organized both the European Juggling Convention and the Netherlands Juggling Convention, and hosted and organized countless open stages and gala shows.

Find my various creations online on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Github, PixelJoint, and even my (outdated) website.

Picture by Jona Harnischmacher


There is no perfect juggling notation system that can describe most modern juggling tricks. I will attempt to create it. In my research I am supported by Rob Saunders and Owen Reynolds.

This is my Master’s thesis, in progress.

These blogs are a way for me to structure my notes and thoughts. I like others to understand what I am doing, but be aware that this is not a project focused on good writing. You will find inconsistencies in style, unclear examples, a lack of citations, varying levels of detail in explanations… If I wrote something which you’d like to understand better, consider writing me an email 😊.


Thoughts and feedback are super welcome. If an article here reminds you of something or someone, if you had a random idea, if you just want a to chat about something tangential, or if you look for feedback or advice on your own project, please reach out to me.
All kinds of input are very much appreciated.

You can reach me by email, I respond quickly: